The Two Chicks


We are hatching another egg!  Coming Spring of 2018.



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July 29th, 2014 Hatched by Two Chicks was created after I (Machelle) saw a onesie online with the saying on it, intended to be sold to lesbian families who had just had a little one.  Mary and I have been together for about 7 years.  We got married in DC on our 4th anniversary- about 3 years ago.  As of October, 2014- our marriage is officially recognized in our home state of North Carolina. Our family has been dropping little hints that maybe it’s time to consider starting a family.  We didn’t want to hear opinions, get asked constantly if we are expecting yet or awkward, intimate questions about how a baby was made.  So we’ve decided to keep in quite for awhile.  We haven’t told our family or friends that we are starting the process- and obviously, I need somewhere to vent!  So I decided to start a blog, and we’ll see how it goes. Mary works in in a psych hospital, and I work in IT.  We recently purchased a 4 bedroom home…and have a desire to fill it up.  We share our home with our fur babies: Punkin, Sophie and Pirate.

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The rest of the family…
Punkin (Cat), Sophie (White Dog) and Pirate (Black Dog)

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I (Machelle) was diagnosed with endometriosis at 17, though I started having symptoms at 12.  I’ve always had a desire to be pregnant, but after my 2nd laser laparoscopy 5 years ago I was told it would be a difficult road.  For a long time I tried not worry about it, we weren’t in a position to start a family, and at least we have 2 uteruses.  I convinced myself that I would still be a mom, even though I wouldn’t be the one that carried.  I continued staying on Depo-Provera to manage symptoms. While both of us wanted children, Mary didn’t have a strong desire to actually be pregnant, but said she would do it if I couldn’t.

In May of 2014 I decided to stop the Depo injections.  I used depo  to stop my cycles and control my endometriosis symptoms for about 10 years.  I was told it would take about a year for it to “work out of my system” before I would ovulate and we could try to conceive.

In August I got a new job.  I would be graduating in May the following year.  We finally owned a nice home, had good jobs, excellent health insurance, our marriage was finally legal….it seemed like the stars were aligning for us to consider having a baby.  You see- gay people don’t have children by accidents…its something we have to meticulously plan and prepare for.  I started taking oral birth control to ease the transition off of the depo.  I started having regular cycles and ovulating within 3 months (we didn’t even have to wait a year to be off of the depo!)  My doctor recommended an HSG to make sure my fallopian tubes were open, which we did in October, 2014.  He then told us to call him when I ovulated next to see if my hormones looked okay and that if things looked good- we should try to conceive within 3 months for our best chance.  I ovulated the next cycle, but my progesterone dropped.  By now, we had picked out a donor from a sperm bank.  He said we could start clomid, and we could consider our first round of IUI the next cycle (in December), or we could wait to see if my progesterone came up.  Mary and I weren’t sure what we were going to do.  Sperm and shipping it isn’t exactly cheap, we didn’t want to waste a precious vial if I would miscarry because my progesterone dropped.

I took the clomid, used the ovulation predictor kits…and something just told me to take a leap of faith.  I know Mary was uneasy, but she said she was okay trying.  The week before Christmas, our tank of “swimmers” were shipped, and we did our first round of clomid/IUI.  I wasn’t sure if it worked, but I finally got a positive a couple days after Christmas- though it was very faint.  Mary, as usual, needed additional proof.  Multiple pregnancy tests later, she was finally convinced.

We had an ultrasound at 7 weeks and thankfully only saw one heartbeat (you have a much higher chance of twins when on Clomid.)  We had our 2nd ultrasound the following week, and baby started growing.  And thankfully, my progesterone levels are right on track.  Turns out 2015 is going to be a “bumpy” ride.

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your blog. I am so happy to be along with you on this amazing journey. Much, much love, Aunt Machelle


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