Please don’t call DSS

EJ has started this new fun thing that she screams “Stop hitting me!!!” Or “I want my mommy!!!” Anytime we ask her to do something she doesn’t want to do. Like put on shoes or don’t run into traffic. If you see this happening in public: 1. She has 2 mommies- she’s asking for the other ones. 2. We’ve never hit/spanked or popped her. 3. She is not a kidnapped or abused child. Thanks. That is all. Please don’t call DSS. Continue reading Please don’t call DSS

A New Calling

After we had EJ, it was relatively simple for me to go back to work. I had a flexible job. I could go nurse her at school any time I wanted. Mary and I worked 4 days a week each so she only had to go to school 3 days a week. I assumed that after B got here I’d feel the same. Ready to go back to work. I loved my job. I loved the people I worked with. It was meaningful. I felt like I could help the people in the community who needed healthcare. 5 days after … Continue reading A New Calling

Taking Control of My Own Body Through Antenatal Milk Expression

Full disclosure: I am not an LC or a healthcare provider. I discussed this decision with my medical prenatal care team, and they were supportive. This is not typical output for AME (antenatal milk expression). My breasts had very little “downtime” between a pregnancy I lost, a toddler weaning, and then getting pregnant again with this pregnancy. Typically, a first time mom is more likely to 4-5 mL of colostrum. Second time moms typically 10-15mL. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love antenatal/prenatal hand milk expression. More and more research is starting to show potential benefits for moms … Continue reading Taking Control of My Own Body Through Antenatal Milk Expression

The 17%

In another Saturday edition of the Machelle is still nesting saga… I have begun to unpack the breast pump box. I was the 17% who worked full time and exclusively breastfed our daughter to past a year. Our breastfeeding journey ended abruptly when I became pregnant with a baby we lost. So I it’s all sort of bittersweet. Occasionally I hear people say things like, “companies try to sell you things you don’t really need if you plan to breastfeed…all you need is your baby and your boobs…” And that’s probably true….if your plan is to stay at home. If … Continue reading The 17%

To Our Second Child…

Good news. You’re about to be born into a loving family. Bonus: you get 2 moms and a sassy big sister. You’re the first boy in the house- besides Pirate, our geriatric rescue dog. Look kid. As the 2nd child- you’re gonna miss out on some things. I’m due in less than a month and haven’t done a baby book. Your ultrasound pictures are crammed into my desk at work or in my glove box. We are totally just reusing your sisters gender neutral nursery and not making another one for you. You’ll also be getting a lot of her … Continue reading To Our Second Child…